NEW DESIGN: A Modern Studio for Pittsburgh Artist Baron Batch

Baron Batch studio design by Cipriani Studios

Cipriani Studios is proud to be partnering with our favorite artist, Baron Batch, on a design for his new modern studio. After Batch retired from the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2013, he became a fine artist and entrepreneur. His new studio will sit on part of a full city block that he owns in Allentown.

The project is part of a larger redevelopment effort for the long-distressed neighborhood, but it’s not our first foray into Allentown. For much of the 2010s, Cipriani Studios designed and developed Bailey Park – a community of modern single-family homes atop Grandview Park. Collaborating with Baron Batch is as much about our love for his art as our shared commitment to making Pittsburgh a better, more beautiful place to live and work.

From the outside, the 3,500-square-foot structure will be clad in a unique paneling system with a colorful skin that moves from darker tones to rainbow hues, reflecting the transformative spirit of Batch’s unique paintings. Inside, he’ll have two levels of working space for his large-scale, mixed-media canvases, with huge skylights and garage doors that open onto private gardens. This approach meets the artist’s need for both privacy and abundant natural light.

The design will surely evolve, as we’re exploring ways to bring the colored sections to life through a mix of strategic lighting and novel materials. But as one of his most enthusiastic patrons, this is an exciting collaboration for us and a project that we can’t wait to share more of with you in the coming months.

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