Introducing Net Zero Living from Cipriani Studios

Bliss Residence Cipriani Studios

Cipriani Studios is proud to unveil its new Net Zero Living package, created in partnership with EIS Solar and Building Performance Architecture.

As our solar technology partner, EIS (Energy Independent Solutions) Solar is the most experienced solar panel installation company in Western Pennsylvania, while Building Performance Architecture serves as our energy consultant and certification partner. 

Using progressive solar construction and appliance technology, homeowners can now make their new house 100% energy-independent, producing enough electricity to be energy-neutral through net metering, which credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid.

Cipriani Studios is integrating the Net Zero Living package into projects at various levels of completion. Moving forward, all CS homes will offer buyers the option of upgrading their home to solar.

Net Zero living Bliss Residence Cipriani Studios

Early examples of Net Zero Living in action include The Trail House (above), a creek and trailside single-family home under construction in Pittsburgh, and The Perch House (below), which is a rustic hillside contemporary under development in Upper Saint Clair. 

net zero living The Perch House Cipriani Studios

If you’re interested in your own energy-independent home, reach out to Cipriani Studios today by calling 412-254-3261 or visit

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