The Modular Home Design That Inspired Our Next Big Move

Pittsburgh modular home design by Cipriani Studios

Our next big step as a company is going to be modular home design and fabrication, but the roots of this idea started 15 years ago in San Francisco with this concept for a small, affordable backyard structure (pictured above).

This “accessory use dwelling,” as it’s formally known among zoning officials, is often referred to as an in-law suite. This 500-square-foot modular home design features a bedroom, full bathroom and small kitchenette, making it an ideal guest cottage, pool house or potentially even a modest rental.

And best of all? It’s relatively affordable. Our vision for modular home design is a range of models created for the sub-$500,000 market. Each design can be customized and ordered right online, constructed in full in a factory setting – fixtures, finishes and all – and then delivered to your property and installed on a foundation. We are also working on licensing designs to real estate developers nationwide.

This approach to home design and construction has fascinated us for years from both a business and a creative perspective, and stepping into it will push us to rethink and refine every inch of the home.

Cipriani Studios will always offer custom modern home design in Pittsburgh, but in late 2022 we look forward to expanding both our footprint and business vision with modular home design and construction. Stay tuned for more details and updates over the coming months!

If you’re searching for new modern homes in Pittsburgh or would like to discuss licensing modular designs for your real estate development, reach out to Cipriani Studios today for a private consultation.

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