Mural Homes: A New Concept for Affordable Housing in Pittsburgh

Mural Homes concept for affordable housing in Pittsburgh

Cipriani Studios is working on a vibrant new concept for affordable housing in Pittsburgh. Mural Homes are a celebration of art and color that we aim to create in partnership with the City of Pittsburgh.

The Mural Homes concept was inspired by firm principal Justin Cipriani’s colorful art collection. He’s a long-time patron of former Pittsburgh Steelers running back-turned-fine artist Baron Batch, having acquired many of his bright and spontaneous canvases. “My idea is to get these amazing colors off the canvas and out into the world,” he explains. In fact, Cipriani Studios is designing Batch’s new art studio and gallery in Allentown.

The other inspiration for Mural Homes is the idea that even small, affordable housing in Pittsburgh can be beautiful – even aspirational – and doesn’t need to feel like a home you’ve settled for. From a development perspective, Mural Homes will leverage a real estate equity direct investment strategy that couples low-cost housing with grants and deferred mortgages. This would make it possible for buyers to acquire a home below market value while immediately gaining equity.

This concept has existed for some time, but Cipriani Studios is seeking to advance the strategy in terms of both design potential and overall financial mission.

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