NEW DESIGN: Chic Urban Living in Breeze House

Chic Urban Living in Breeze House

The Breeze House is all about making the most of life in the city, with a large terrace off the top-floor game room that serves as the social heart of the home. The owner’s suite on level two features a large picture window and its own private balcony, so future inhabitants can keep the doors open and enjoy the sounds of the city.

On the façade, clean white forms and natural-looking stonework create a warm sense of modernism.Similar to our Stanton Steel House, this 4-bed, 2,600+ SF home features three levels of living on a deep lot, with a separate garage accessed from the rear alleyway. This allowed us to keep the front free of garage doors. Instead, we added a large picture window and a deep, built-in planter, creating a nice mix of transparency and privacy.

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