PROJECT UPDATE: Our Net Zero Trail House is Coming to Life

The Trail House by Cipriani Studios

Our first Net Zero Living project is making progress. The Trail House is being built above grade on an old creek bed, which allows the water to naturally overflow and recede throughout the year.

Net zero trail house construction

Our vision for this project is a clean energy home that lives in harmony with natural forces, and it’s exciting to see it come to life. Using progressive solar construction and appliance technology, this home will be 100% energy-independent, producing enough electricity to be energy-neutral through net metering, which credits the owners for the electricity they add to the grid.

Net zero trail house construction exterior

Part of our design challenge was creating a sense of privacy on a fairly open site. The front of the house faces a walking trail and soon there will be a public playground to the left. We solved this with an L-shaped layout. The front is concealed, creating a sense of security, but inside, a large, open-plan common area flows out to the deck and backyard, with the creek below.

Net zero trail house construction expansive windows

Inside, the home will feel open to nature and bathed in light, and yet the main living areas – inside and out – will remain invisible to the public

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