Woolslayer Way | Lawrenceville VIII

Cipriani Studios designed these attached homes on Woolslayer Way in collaboration with a women-owned boutique developer. Our first goal was to help make the most of the location – a tight, uphill alley in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood which was home to a mature tree. 

As you move throughout the interior, large picture windows along the back offer views to the mature backyard tree taller than the house itself. Along with the roof deck, these windows invite nature indoors, creating a green, leafy vibe that balances nicely with the bold exterior.

To achieve the client’s industrial-inspired design vision, created bold forms in corrugated metal to create the home's primary gestures.  The corrugated panels employ a squared-off design instead of the basic wavy look, and careful window placements created a muted facade that looks chic, while also creating privacy in a high-density location.

The exterior’s industrial language is counterbalanced with warm wood and colorful accents and eclectic decor. The developer selected an eclectic blend of modern, industrial, and rustic fixtures and finishes, for an overall look that many of today’s buyers find appealing.

  • YEAR : 2019
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