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Our services

Custom Home Design
Our team creates signature modern homes from the ground up by incorporating client-specific style, budget, and site into a one-of-a-kind design.

Adaptive Design
When new home construction is either impractical or unnecessary, we can expand a home through complementary designs or transform it through remodeling.

Real Estate Development
CS offers extensive development experience and offers clients access to properties under management.

Renderings + Visualization
Developing designs in 3D is important to both the creative and marketing process. CS offers decades of modeling, rendering, and image production expertise.

Feasibility Analysis
We’re equipped to analyze a variety of site, financial, and regulatory constraints to determine if a particular real estate development plan is optimal or even possible.

Construction Observation
CS works with a team of engineers, contractors, and inspectors to help achieve drawing, design, code, and manufacture compliance during the construction phase.


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