An Ultra-Private Take on Pittsburgh Modern Home Design

Pittsburgh modern home design – The Hideaway House by Cipriani Studios

Here’s an interesting new Pittsburgh modern home design we’re working on for a client in East Liberty. The Hideaway House is an urban infill residence surrounded by roads on three sides, so creating a sense of privacy is one of the project’s top goals. The home will feature 2,500 SF of living space with 3 beds, 3 baths and multiple flex spaces.

At Cipriani Studios, we love unique parcels because they end up yielding some of our most creative Pittsburgh modern home designs. Good design is always about artful solutions to existing conditions. Here, the challenge is to create a home that adapts to the land and neighborhood while meeting the owner’s unique lifestyle needs and design goals.

The Hideaway House meets all of these requirements with inventive solutions.

First, we placed most of the main living spaces on the upper level and then connected them to the backyard and street through a series of decks and balconies. Instead of a ground-level patio, the detached garage in the back of the home will support a private rooftop deck, so the family can relax in the open air and still feel a sense of separation from street life.

As you can see in this early rendering, the ground-level façade is largely hidden behind a wood screen, while the whole back of the property is fenced. Passersby will see very little of life inside this home. In the back, a hidden staircase connects to the garage deck and upper-level common areas, while a second ground-level living room and studio open directly onto the yard.

To balance out the protective lower level, the upper level has a 10-foot ceilings and substantial amounts of glass offering views of the yard and city. Overall, this home will feel extremely private, yet with a flowing, indoor-outdoor lifestyle unlike anything else in the neighborhood.

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